Internet purchases remain steady despite gloomy reports from the High Street

Shoppers across Europe took pity on the high street by spending most money online the day after retailers announced their worst Christmas for years.

On Wedensday, Jaunary 12, Tradedoubler, Europe's leading provider of online marketing and sales solutions saw a peak in sales purchased on the internet, particularly within the Financial Services and Travel & Holidays sector. Almost 26,000 purchases were generated through Tradedoubler's network on this day. This came a day after several major retailers reported disappointing sales over the Christmas period.

January was generally a successful month for online sales, with purchases only just below pre-Christmas levels and higher than those seen in November. Return to work saw a spike in interest on January 4 and 5, with sales slowing again until a week later as shoppers made the most of falling prices in the sales on January 12. Coincidentally, this day was also the highest for online purchases in January 2004.

"A number of interesting factors seem to be at play here," said Will Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer at Tradedoubler. "Firstly, online shopping continues to perform strongly compared to the high street, with shoppers seeming to prefer tackling the sales from the comfort of their own homes rather than braving the crowds. It also seems that the doom and gloom stories from the retailers reminded shoppers that there were probably more bargains this year than ever and prompted them to act quickly.

However, underlying all this is the simple fact that people need a pick-me-up in January after the festivities are over. It's probably no coincidence that the 12th was the biggest day as many people only returned to work on 10th and having spent a couple of days getting back in to the swing of things, they spent more time on the 12th hunting for January sales bargains on the internet."

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