Case study - Apple

About Apple

Apple is one of the world’s largest producers of computers and consumer electronics. Apple sells a wide range of products and services including computer hardware and software. The Apple Store, the direct ecommerce site representing the brand, opened in Europe in 1999. Mid 2002, they started expanding via the Tradedoubler Affiliate program and now run programs across several markets in Europe.


The main objective is to increase visibility of the Apple Store and generate strong online sales. To achieve this, Apple use an integrated approach to performance-based marketing, where different activities are integrated to achieve results
  • Sales generation
  • Direct marketing
  • Brand building

Activity and success factors

“Because the affiliation program represents a pillar of the Apple Store development strategy, a dedicated internal team has been assigned to it”, says Gilles Domartini, Consumer Store and Publishing Manager for the Apple Store.

“Affiliation is a firm commitment to a long-term marketing plan, closely followed and animated by a highly motivated team, which is in charge of supervising and developing any potential partnerships.”

More than 1,000 quality websites are actively working with Apple, demonstrating Apple solutions and services and converting visitors into shoppers from the Apple Store. Apple is very strict in accepting websites to the program, however those that are accepted are offered high commissions. They also benefit from a high average basket value and quality marketing materials. The Apple Store program is both revenue generating as well as status enhancing.

Via the affiliate program, Apple gives partner websites up-to-date graphical elements, information about product launches, detailed product information as well as other types of sales tools and useful sales tips.

A good mix of activities has been used to reach the positive results, such as:

  • Commission segmentation based on sales transacted on AppleStore
  • Special incentives to support vertical markets or hot product launches
  • Regular communication via monthly newsletters
  • Up-to-date creative with strong messages to increase conversions


“We are very pleased with the results generated so far, and the quality of the relationship we built with both Tradedoubler and some of our affiliate partners. I strongly believe we now have in place a sustainable model of business both for our network and for us” confirms Gilles Domartini. “Let’s make sure the program remains on the same trend”.

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