Case study - Kelkoo

About Kelkoo

Kelkoo is the largest price comparison web site in Europe and Europe’s third largest e-commerce website after Amazon & Ebay (Source: Nielsen), present in nine countries in Europe with more than 4,000,000 monthly unique visitors.


Kelkoo’s usage of Tradedoubler’s Media Toolbox for Publishers is primary to give their customers an ROI tool, showing the results achieved through the partnership.

Activity and success factors

Links to Kelkoo's merchants are tracked with Media Toolbox for Publishers, measuring activity and results.

Kelkoo works actively with managing and evaluating the partnerships with clients such as optimising links and promoting clients in most suitable way to drive results.


Results have been very positive, giving Kelkoo valuable data regarding the effectiveness of its own system and business model along with the actual results they generate for their hundreds of clients throughout Europe.

Kelkoo has achieved important knowledge from evaluating the statistics regarding purchasing behaviour and the quality of the traffic generated to it's clients. They found out that the average basket size was higher compared to sales in general for Kelkoo’s merchants. For some clients they could see that approximately half of the sales that took place where out of session, which supports Kelkoo’s claim that the visitor they transmit come back to the merchant after a first visit to perform the purchase.

Pierre Chappaz, Kelkoo’s CEO, says:
“Tradedoubler tracking enables us to provide our clients with ever more effective merchandising and specialist ROI benchmark data in their own retail segments. Kelkoo is the first provider of e-commerce advertising to offer this level of ROI accountability to all its retail partners across Europe. Two years ago we discussed clicks not impressions with our clients, now we want to help them understand sales not just clicks ”.

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