Case study - Looksmart

About Looksmart

Established in 1995, LookSmart (NASDAQ: LOOK; ASX: LOK) is a global leader in search targeted marketing, providing directory and search solutions to leading consumer portal MSN. The LookSmart distribution network reaches over 40 per cent of UK Internet users (Source: Nielsen NetRatings, October 2002). Focusing entirely on the UK market, LookSmart UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of LookSmart Ltd, a global business with operations in the UK, Japan, Australia and US.

LookSmart UK enables advertisers to generate low cost, qualified leads without the hassles of other search marketing systems. It also enables Internet users to quickly and easily find the most relevant websites to satisfy their needs using LookSmart’s high-quality search results. The online marketing solutions LookSmart offer, provide Agencies and Marketeers with are massive reach, precision targeting, cost-effective leads and reliability.


The objectives as a publisher, engaged in advertiser partnerships through Tradedoubler, are to:
  • Achieve new revenue streams
  • Fill its advertising space at a good price to top advertisers
  • Gain control of outgoing traffic and results generated for partners

Activity and success factors

LookSmart use several methods to achieve optimised results. The most successful ones are:
  • Integrated text links – high credibility and connection to context leads to high conversion
  • Product links – highly targeted search results mean improved CTR (click through rates)
  • Multiple advertiser partnerships – both long term (programs) and short term (campaigns)

Through the partnership with Tradedoubler in the UK, and Looksmart’s focus on highly targeted and relevant search results every advertiser has potential relevancy to Looksmart users.


Looksmart has worked with Tradedoubler for a number of years. The relationship has proven to be a very beneficial one for both Looksmart and the advertisers.

Thanks to detailed performance statistics in the Tradedoubler system, Looksmart is able to see their value to the advertisers. The vital metrics include CTR, conversion rates, and sales value generated for their partnered advertisers. The transparency of performance has also helped Tradedoubler to pinpoint high-value relationships between Looksmart and the advertisers. In light of this, Tradedoubler is now in the position to broker cpc deals between those advertisers and Looksmart, and a number of these campaigns are currently running.

The advertisers partnering with LookSmart benefit from an average conversion between 1-10%. They also profit from increased revenue thanks to the level of visitors LookSmart deliver, multiplied by their high CR.

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