Tradedoubler’s solutions for advertisers offer tools to facilitate strategic online relationships as well as improve the creation, management, analysis and optimisation of online marketing and sales activities.


The benefits from Tradedoubler’s marketing and sales solutions are:
  • Increase revenue and return on investment
  • Control online activities and spend
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • Quality traffic from top performing websites
  • Pay for performance


Tradedoubler’s online marketing and sales solutions can provide all this and are supported by:
  • Efficient, reliable third party tracking of all traffic
  • Real time reports and statistics
  • Account management and consultancy services

Affiliate programs

Tradedoubler delivers improved results and increased revenue to companies by building long-term relationships with quality websites.

Top performing websites across Europe drive quality traffic, leads and sales.

The best return on investment is ensured, since rewards are done on a performance basis.

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Tradedoubler can deliver unique visitors and leads through relationships with selected high performing websites, over a specific period of time.

Real time evaluation and optimisation of campaigns ensures achievement of the goals set.

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Technology solutions

Through one interface it is possible to administer and evaluate partnerships, branding campaigns, key word marketing, email marketing and the effectiveness of the involved parties’ websites.

Tradedoubler can track all online activities down to product level and generated order value.

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