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After almost a year of activity, the Tradedoubler network drives 11% of the Apple Store revenue in the participating countries. “We are very pleased with the results generated so far, and the quality of the relationship we built with both Tradedoubler and some of our affiliate partners.”

Gilles Domartini,
Consumer Store & Publishing Manager, Apple Computers France


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Tradedoubler Affiliate Programs

With a Tradedoubler Affiliate Program the results from online marketing and sales activities will significantly improve. Through thousands of quality websites across Europe, supported by a scalable and reliable tracking technology Tradedoubler is able to drive and measure quality traffic, leads and sales to company websites. Even tracking down to product level is possible. Since rewards are given on a performance basis it ensures the best return on investment.

Tradedoubler’s experienced account managers and consultants can provide superior knowledge within performance-based marketing and help to achieve company targets.

Optimise partnerships…

Tradedoubler provides the method and technical infrastructure, to:
  • Reward websites per impression, unique visitor, registration, sale or any other event
  • Invite, manage and remunerate thousands of websites across Europe
  • Utilise keyword marketing and email marketing
  • Gain exposure on Tradedoubler’s performance-based marketing portal
  • Acquire professional and strategic advice from Tradedoubler

…supported by a cutting edge technology

  • Efficient, reliable, patented third party tracking of traffic and events
  • Outsourced solution, resource effective
  • Solid web based infrastructure to manage websites, billing and monitor performance
  • Completely scalable and flexible technology solution, proven track record

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