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"In the past, we had to review and analyse separate reports from different technology solutions for all the various online marketing initiatives we implemented. With Tradedoubler’s Media Toolbox we are now able to consolidate all our online marketing tracking, thereby saving ourselves valuable time and resources."

Mirko Behnert
E-Commerce Marketing Manager, Avis Europe plc


Media Toolbox for Advertisers demo

Media Toolbox for Advertisers

Media Toolbox for Advertisers is a hosted online management tool, hence not a software solution, aimed at companies with multiple partners and brands online. This technology solution allows large companies to manage, control and evaluate their online advertising, marketing and sales activities to increase profitability.

One tool for all activities

Through this tool all marketing activities can be brought into one system: campaign management, partner management, e-mail marketing, key word marketing, web site optimisation etc.

By knowing what works for which partner, on a real time basis, it is possible to increase the efficiency of sales and marketing channels, thereby reducing both customer acquisition costs and increasing the effectiveness of marketing spend. This powerful management tool tracks visitor behaviour and activity in detail from any type of campaign and partner to the different brands within the company.

The set up of the tool is easy and can effortlessly be integrated with third party systems with minimal technical requirement, since no software implementation is needed.

Optimise time and money spent

Tradedoubler Media Toolbox ensures that time and resources are spent efficiently. This has several benefits:
  • Increase revenue and create value in all activities
  • Decrease customer acquisition cost
  • Increase loyalty and reduce churn by getting closer to partners
  • Decision making based on facts and real time data through detailed reports
  • Use one tool to set up activities, measure and compare all performances at ease

Tailored solutions

Additionally Tradedoubler is able to build a bespoke solution according to specific requirements such as tailored reports for specific decision makers and customise system access for the right people at all levels.

Media Toolbox for Advertisers fact sheet