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"The cooperation with Tradedoubler broadens Carat Net’s offering and increases their revenue streams. Carat Net’s clients are able to improve their results through efficient tools for online marketing and sales"

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Media Toolbox for Agencies demo


Based on our extensive relationships with leading publishers and advertisers, we have developed the Media Toolbox for Agencies. The Media Toolbox is an online marketing management system for ad serving as well as tracking, administration, management and optimisation of campaigns and long-term partnerships. The Media Toolbox provides the agency with complete control and enables them to monitor and follow behaviour from the very first impression all the way to sales, including detailed product information.

Great usability and control of all your clients online campaigns in one single interface

The Media Toolbox includes a resource efficient and easy to use administration interface allowing substantial pricing flexibility and cost savings. Since it is a hosted solution and not a software it requires a minimal level of technical integration, and is also supported by local technical support functions all over Europe.

Reduce costs and improve client results with a built in ROI focus

The Media Toolbox is designed to provide companies with a total administration and management tool for advertising, direct marketing and sales campaigns.
  • Manage, control and co-ordinate online activities
  • Provide complete online brand control
  • Deliver real time reports and detailed statistics
  • Allow continued campaign optimisation
  • Manage and control planners and partners
  • Reduce internal work and resources

Finally Tradedoubler offers agencies all the resources needed to monitor, market, sell and support their client’s online marketing activities.

The results are an increase in both revenue and profitability for all parties involved.

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