Tradedoubler Licensing

To further extend Tradedoubler’s operations and solutions we seek to establish powerful partnerships with key industry players.

A license operator aim to establish a local Tradedoubler company in markets and countries where Tradedoubler is not present. The license operator will together with Tradedoubler develop, market, sell, and deliver the most comprehensive digital marketing and sales solutions available.

Tradedoubler is seeking for highly skilled and experienced partners, which need to have a proven track record and understanding of the digital world.

Broadened revenue streams

A license operator will be granted the possibility to:
  • Broaden revenue streams
  • Expand business and portfolio by offering Tradedoubler’s unique services
  • Offer Tradedoubler’s state of the art tracking technology
  • Reach new target groups, interested in performance-based marketing and sales
  • Get new international clients that are Tradedoubler users on other markets

Exclusive rights

The license operator will gain knowledge about all of Tradedoubler’s performance-based marketing and sales solutions. The offering will be introduced on the market either in Tradedoubler’s name or any other name chosen. Additionally, the rights will include exclusivity to offering Tradedoubler’s services in the specific country.

Licensing fact sheet