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"Thanks to detailed performance statistics in the Tradedoubler system, Looksmart is able to see their value to the Advertisers. The vital metrics include CTR, conversion rates, and sales value generated.”

LookSmarkt Ltd (NASDAQ)

Tradedoubler Advertiser Partnership

Through partnerships with top advertisers Tradedoubler will actively work to procure your traffic and fill your online inventory, hence maximize revenue from your website.

The marketplace for all top advertisers

Tradedoubler Agency includes a resource efficient and easy to use administration interface allowing substantial flexibility and cost savings. It requires a minimal level of technical integration, since it is a hosted solution and not a software, and also offers Tradedoubler's advanced technical support function.

Expand existing portfolio

Hundreds of famous brands and thousands of different online advertising opportunities throughout Europe are offered in one place and Tradedoubler’s sales team constantly work to acquire the best deals with top advertisers.

Customised deals

Based on individual aspects such as objectives, site performance, volumes, target group etc, Tradedoubler’s account managers will make sure that you get the best deals with the highest commissions, according to different commission structures to fit your business model.

Easy administration and professional support

The platform shows real time statistics about the existing deals and helps to monitor your earnings as well as to take well-based decisions, around the clock. Tradedoubler can handle all types of ad formats and graphical elements and you have the possibility to add links into newsletters, key words and emails.

Tradedoubler handles the whole payment process and pays directly to your bank account.

Maximize your income

As the leading European provider of tools for online marketing and sales activities Tradedoubler offers a string of advantages when it comes to marketing website inventory
  • Substantial advertising revenue
  • Contact with hundreds of advertisers
  • Administer all advertising deals in one place
  • Negotiate special offers with advertisers
  • Easy and reliable system with real time transaction statistics
  • Constant update of new offers and campaigns

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