Business focus

Tradedoubler´s services are offered to all parties with an online presence, such as advertisers, publishers, agencies and large enterprises. The wide range of solutions include tools for online marketing and sales, and provide companies with the system to administer online partnerships, drive sales online, carry out branding and promotional campaigns and other direct marketing activities.

The business is built around three fundamental elements

  • Knowledge
  • Solutions
  • Technology


With several years experience from online marketing and sales Tradedoubler has achieved an extensive knowledge within the area. The experience and knowledge is transferred through account management and our consultancy services.
  • Extensive knowledge within online marketing and sales
  • Experience in 16 markets and over 900 active clients
  • Proven methods and processes


Based on the clients’ needs and business objectives, Tradedoubler offers suitable solutions to improve online business. The solutions allow both advertisers and publishers to work with all kinds of marketing and sales methods such as sales and lead generation (through links of all formats and techniques such as text links, product links and dynamic banners), partnership management, online campaigns, key word optimisation and email marketing.
  • Large quality network of top advertisers and quality publishers
  • Performance-based marketing model
  • One tool – multiple marketing possibilities


Tradedoubler's technology tracks and measures activity on the Internet. This can be used within an enterprise as well as between two or several partners. Tradedoubler will act as an independent third party providing advanced statistics and real time data.
  • Track and measure activity on the Internet
  • Module based to manage large volumes
  • Advanced billing system
  • Real time in-depth statistics
  • User friendly interface