Management group

Tradedoubler's management group consists of the following people.

  • Martin Henricson, Chief Executive Officer
    Martin joined Tradedoubler in May 2001. Prior to Tradedoubler, Martin has many years experience as a management consultant within other areas including IT and Telecoms. He has also held several leading positions in Resco and Telia, both in Sweden and internationally. His last position at Telia before joining Tradedoubler was Executive Vice President, Telia Business Solutions International.
    He holds a Master of Science degree and has served as a PhD Candidate lecturing at the University of Stockholm.

  • Owe Wedebrand, Chief Financial Officer
    Owe Wedebrand is Chief Financial Officer of Tradedoubler AB, a position he has held since August 2005. Previously, he held a number of management positions with Ericsson, Ascom Tateco and FlaktWoods Group including Chief Financial Officer, Director Business Area Nordic as well as Director Business Operations of Ascom Tateco Group during which time he was responsible for managing the operations of 10 sales companies world-wide. Mr. Wedebrand also served as Chief Financial Officer Ericsson Emergency Control Systems AB. Mr. Wedebrand has significant operational management experience in mergers and acquisitions and the corresponding consolidation activities, both in the financial area and in marketing and sales. Mr. Wedebrand holds a degree in Business Administration from University of Gothenburg.

  • Daniel Nordström, Vice President, European Operations
    Daniel has over 8 years experience in International Business Development. Daniel has worked four years as Senior Consultant at The Swedish Trade Council in London, focusing on assisting Swedish IT-companies in their international expansion. During February 2000 to June 2001, Daniel was responsible for setting up and managing Tradedoubler's UK operations. His current position in Tradedoubler is Vice President, European Operations, responsible for the development and support to all Tradedoubler's subsidiaries.
    Daniel holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Stockholm. Parts of the studies were performed at the Sorbonne in Paris and in South East Asia.

  • Jacob de Geer, Business Development Director
    Jacob de Geer is Business Development Director of Tradedoubler AB, a position he has held since 2004. Mr. de Geer joined Tradedoubler in 1999 as one of our two first employees. From 2000 to 2002, he was responsible for Swedish operations, and in 2002, assumed management of the Nordic region. Mr. de Geer holds a Master of Science and Business Administration and Media Technology degree from the Stockholm School of Economics.

  • Petra Lindqvist, Human Resource Executive
    Petra joined Tradedoubler in 2002 and holds the position as Human Resource Executive. Petra has 2 years of experience as a Consultant Manager at the recruitment company Manpower. Other experiences include work with human resource related questions at Sodexho as well as marketing for Snickers in the USA.

  • Ola Udén, Chief Technology Officer
    Ola joined Tradedoubler in the beginning of 2001 as responsible for technology. Previous experience consists of more than 6 years of project management and management of system developing for e-commerce products. Ola has for example worked at companies like Vasakronan as a project manager, at WM-data as product manager and at Dobedo as responsible for the technical development.
    Ola holds both a degree in Business Administration from the University of Uppsala and Computing Science from the Mid Sweden University.

  • Kayhan Utkutug, Product Development Director
    Kayhan has been at Tradedoubler since June 2000, where he has been working primarily within the development field, such as improving business processes as well as the technical platform. Previous experience includes the development and deployment of the e-tailer's logistics and payment systems.
    Kayhan studied economics at the university of Lund and Univeristé de Paris IX Dauphine.

  • René Rechtman, Vice President, Tradedoubler International Client Relations
    René is responsible for Tradedoubler’s international clients and strategic partnerships, and has previously managed Tradedoubler’s licensing, internationalization and local operations in Denmark.
    Earlier he was European VP responsible for business development at Incentive/ALTO, a Danish management and financial holding company. He has also worked as a strategy and communication consultant for several years in Scandinavia and Brussels with multinational clients.
    René has a background in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen, where he holds an MSc and BSc and is currently writing a PhD at Kingston Business School.

  • Björn Lindberg, Vice President Business Solutions
    Björn is responsible for development and sales of Tradedoubler’s technically oriented solutions. He has been working in leading positions within marketing and sales for more than eleven years and in the telecom and IT industry for the last six years before joining Tradedoubler in June 2000.
    Björn has a wide practical experience from different positions within Marketing & Sales including management group work. The two previous assignments were assistant Marketing Manager and Team Leader at Telia Billing and Client Delivery Executive at the American IT-consultancy firm EDS.

  • William Cooper is Chief Marketing Officer
    William Cooper is Chief Marketing Officer of Tradedoubler, a position he has held since 2003.
    Mr. Cooper joined Tradedoubler in 2000 to lead the development of our UK operations. He has been integral to the establishment of major business partnerships and coordination of our international sales organization.
    Previously, Mr. Cooper worked as a consultant for five years for Tavistock Communications, an investor and financial public relations company in London. Mr. Cooper holds a B.A. Hons. degree from Manchester University.

  • Andreas Bernstrom- MD Tradedoubler UK and Ireland
    Andreas joined Tradedoubler at the beginning of 2000, initially helping to set up the UK operations. He has been MD of the UK office since 2003 growing the UK in to the largest of Tradedoubler’s European offices.
    Prior to Tradedoubler, Andreas worked in the city first at Merrill Lynch and then at Goldman Sachs; at Goldman Sachs Andreas was an analyst within securities lending then moving on to trading fixed income products
    Andreas has a background in modern language and economics and holds a BA Hons degree from Manchester University as well as Master in Finance from Websters University London

  • Anna-Lena Isaksson – General Counsel
    Anna-Lena joined Tradedoubler in 2004 being responsible for legal issues within the group and is also secretary of the board of directors and the group management board. Anna-Lena has previous experience from the law firms Vinge and Baker & McKenzie.
    Anna-Lena holds a master of law (LLM) degree from the University of Stockholm.