Tradedoubler TrackerTM - March 2004

The Tradedoubler TrackerTM is a monthly report detailing online sales volumes and trends across Europe, based on Tradedoubler’s monitoring of sales made through its European network. The data contained within the tracker shows results from 660 advertisers, spanning a multitude of different sectors. Tradedoubler is an independent third party tracking technology.


After a slight drop in February, sales in the top 5 sectors and across Tradedoubler’s entire network, have increased month on month in March.

Whilst it might be slightly early to conclude, we believe that these results which show total sales levels surpassing the traditionally high levels experienced in January, might indicate a watershed within ecommerce across Europe. If this is the case, then it can be attributed to a number of factors. These include the continuing increase in broadband penetration which allows both an easier consumer experience as well as enabling more complex and successful advertising formats. It could also signify an easing of concerns about security from consumers and a fundamental shift in retailing behaviour as the internet becomes more widely accepted. In addition this could indicate that online retailers, supported by improved budgets, have greatly improved the efficiency of their propositions thereby increasing overall sales levels. Tradedoubler will continue to monitor closely the performance of our client base to assess whether 2004 really will signify a watershed in European ecommerce.


  • Month on month sales volumes across Tradedoubler’s network have increased by 23% and sales values rose by 54% from February to March

  • Sales volumes have grown by 259% compared to the same period last year and sales values are up by 328%

  • As highlighted in previous Trackers the continued strong online performance over the last 3 months demonstrates a fundamental shift towards online shopping as opposed to traditional offline retail


  • Following a slight drop last month after the Christmas and January sales period, all sectors have seen an increase in Sales in March
  • The Financial Services sector increased by 45% as consumer concerns over online security diminish and Financial Services companies promote themselves online more actively
  • Travel, which has enjoyed very strong results over the previous two months, has increased further still as customers rush to take up Early Booking Offers which traditionally end on 31st March
  • The Entertainment sector continues to perform well and shows an increase of 16% compared to February bringing it only marginally behind the results seen January
  • As expected all sectors have seen a huge increase compared to the same period last year

Sales Volume Trends over the Past Year in Leading Sectors

* Due to the technical process involved in reporting the performance of financial services clients, it has not been possible to include this sector in certain charts.

About Tradedoubler

Founded in 1999, Tradedoubler is the European leader in providing online marketing and sales solutions. Industry leaders all over Europe have partnered with Tradedoubler to work with performance-based marketing and to manage online relationships, in order to increase sales and improve online business. Tradedoubler is headquartered in Sweden with a presence in 15 other markets, and customers include Apple, Dell, John Lewis, Renault and Kelkoo. Please visit for further information.

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