Tradedoubler TrackerTM - November 2004

The Tradedoubler TrackerTM is a monthly report detailing online sales volumes and trends across Europe, based on Tradedoubler’s monitoring of sales made through its European network. The data contained within the tracker shows results from 700 advertisers, spanning a multitude of different sectors.
Tradedoubler is an independent third party tracking technology.

As expected November was the stongest month yet in terms of sales generated through Tradedoubler’s network. As customers do more of their Christmas shopping online as opposed to the high street a noticeable trend has emerged this year in that consumers seem to be buying lower value items. Whilst sales volumes have increased by 23% compared to October, the average order value has fallen by 6% to €154.

Year on year the growth in sales across all sectors continues to gain momentum. Figures published last month by Forrester Research predicted that online holiday sales in western Europe would increase by 44 per cent over last year. Tradedoubler’s figures are more optimistic showing a year on year increase of over 100% in sales volumes

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  • The Consumer Electronics, Telecoms and Entertainment sectors have all experienced substantial growth compared to October as the Christmas shopping season takes off, growing by 43%, 34% and 62% respectively

  • Financial services, which has historically been quieter during November, grew by 2% month on month and by 44% year on year
  • The Entertainment sector has experienced a similar pattern of growth as we saw in 2003 with a huge growth in sales compared to last month and sales levels in November of around the same level as this time last year

  • Total sales volumes have increased substantially month on month as consumers turn to the internet to begin their Christmas shopping

  • Sales values have also increased, but not by the same level, as customers buy lower value items, for example products such as books, DVDs and CD’s from the entertainment sector

Sales Volume Trends over the Past Year in Leading Sectors

* Sector specific data includes results from Tradedoubler’s top five clients per sector

About Tradedoubler

Founded in 1999, Tradedoubler is the European leader in providing online marketing and sales solutions. Industry leaders all over Europe have partnered with Tradedoubler to work with performance-based marketing and to manage online relationships, in order to increase sales and improve online business. Tradedoubler is headquartered in Sweden with a presence in 15 other markets, and customers include Apple, Dell, John Lewis, Air France and Kelkoo. Please visit for further information.

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