Tradedoubler TrackerTM - December 2005

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  • 5% of December’s online sales were generated on Monday 12th December
  • 62% of total sales for December occurred in the first half of the month
  • The peak hour for online shopping across Europe was between 21:00 – 22:00 CET on Monday 12th December
  • 1% of total sales in December occurred on Christmas Day, 25th December, rising to 2% on 26th December
  • Despite sales dropping to their lowest point on 24th December the number of sales still represented a quarter of the number generated on 12th December
  • Consumer Electronics & Entertainment sectors dominate Christmas sales and surpass 2004 growth figures

Over the run up to Christmas, online transactions rose on a weekly basis from 21st November. Although the peak day for online shopping was 12th December, the busiest full week for ecommerce ran from 5th – 11th December. Mondays were typically the busiest days and the lowest volumes of online transactions occurred on Saturdays.

Sales trends over the course of the day on 12th December show that the busiest hour for online transactions was between 21:00 – 22:00 CET on Monday 12th December. Online sales rose steadily throughout the morning and with a slight dip in the late afternoon before picking up again to reach a peak later in the evening

The consumer electronics and entertainment sectors have dominated the online Christmas trading period. Most of the month on month growth occurred within the first half of December. This is particularly apparent within the consumer electronics sector where 73% of sales occurred within the first half of the month.

Sector Review of 2005

(please see graphs below for further illustration)

Financial Services
Transactions within the financial services sector have been much higher in 2005 which was primarily due to an increasing number of players within the financial services industry focusing more heavily on online as a sales and lead generation channel. In contrast to 2004, transactions in 2005 peaked in May and June and began to pick up again towards the end of the year suggesting that despite fears of a wider retail slowdown, consumer confidence and spending actually rose in the run up to Christmas.

Consumer Electronics
Throughout the course of 2005, sales trends have closely mirrored 2004 figures. One noticeable difference is apparent in November and December where the sharp increase in sales (of 67% in November and a further 45% in December) surpassed the percentage growth levels of the same period in 2004 (43% in November and 21% in December). 44% of the entire year’s sales occurred within the final 2 months of the year, compared to 32% a year ago suggesting that retailers within this sector are increasingly reliant on this time of year.

The Telecoms sector went through a period of huge growth in the late spring and early summer due in part to an increased online push from various mobile content providers. Despite tailing off marginally in September, transactions have remained high throughout Q405.
Interestingly looking at the effect of Christmas on transactions within this sector, 2004 trends were reversed at the end of 2005 with December’s transactions outperforming November.

Entertainment sector sales fluctuated only marginally throughout the majority of 2005 and remained at a comparable level to 2004 before escalating in November and December. The sharp peak in sales over these two months is comparable to the Consumer Electronics sector and similarly outstrips the percentage growth within this sector a year ago.

Travel & Holidays
The unexpected growth in April, when travel sector sales traditionally drop, gave an early indication that the online travel sector would perform exceptionally well in 2005. This indeed proved to be true as sales continued to increase right through to July before tailing off over the summer. A late peak in October suggested that consumers were booking more of their travel arrangements for the festive season online. Although sales in December were 141% higher than December 2004, the pattern of sales over the final two months of the year was almost identical to 2004.

*Sector specific data includes results from Tradedoubler’s top 10 clients per sector.

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