Tradedoubler TrackerTM - October 2005

The total number of online sales generated through Tradedoubler’s pan European network escalated in October, leading to a 31 per cent rise over September. In marked contrast to the same period last year, the value of sales tracked and generated rose by just 3 per cent last month compared to a 15 per cent increase in October 2004. So whilst the Christmas trading boom is very much in evidence across Europe, consumers are spending more cautiously.

In the wake of recent predictions of a bleak Christmas shopping season for retailers, new research by Tradedoubler to be published later this month shows that the vast majority of European consumers do not plan to increase the amount they spend on Christmas shopping this year.

As consumers search for value for money, those retailers who have realised the huge potential of online and enhanced their online offerings accordingly, can expect to reap the benefits over the busiest period of the year. There are several initiatives that retailers cannot afford to overlook if they are to truly benefit from the opportunities this channel can offer, although the big buzzword this year has been free delivery.

Whilst transactions within the financial services sector fell by 3 per cent in October, the consumer electronics, telecoms and entertainment sectors registered growth rates of 18, 7 and 6 per cent respectively. Sales within the Travel sector rose unexpectedly for the time of year by 7 percent, potentially the result of a flurry of bookings for travel and holidays over the festive season.

Sales Volumes and Sales Values 2004 and 2005

Monthly and Yearly Trends Sales Volume Trends in Tradedoubler’s Leading Sectors

Sales Volume Trends 2004 and 2005 in Leading Sectors

*Sector specific data includes results from Tradedoubler’s top 10 clients per sector.

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Founded in 1999, Tradedoubler is a European provider of online marketing and sales solutions. Industry leaders all over Europe have partnered with Tradedoubler to work with performance-based marketing and to manage online relationships, in order to increase sales and improve online business. Tradedoubler is headquartered in Sweden with a presence in 15 other markets, and customers include Apple Store, Dell, Telia Sonera, eBay and Kelkoo. Please visit for further information.

The Tradedoubler TrackerTM is a monthly report detailing online sales volumes and trends across Europe, based on Tradedoubler’s monitoring of sales made through its European network. The data contained within the Tracker shows results tracked and generated within Tradedoubler’s network covering 16 European countries with clients spanning a multitude of different sectors.
The data contained within this tracker is provided by Tradedoubler’s own independent third party tracking technology.

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