Tradedoubler TrackerTM - September 2005

The pattern of growth in the total number of sales generated through Tradedoubler’s network has increased steadily over the first three quarters of 2005 with growth rates of nineteen percent from Q1 to Q2 and a further fifteen percent from Q2 to Q3 outstripping 2004’s growth of six percent and eighteen percent, thereby corroborating wider industry figures estimating rapid ecommerce growth across Europe.

Ecommerce traditionally escalates in the final quarter of the year due to the effects of the Christmas shopping season. Last year, total sales volumes generated through Tradedoubler’s network rose from Q3 to Q4 by a massive forty five percent, whilst the value of sales tracked and generated for clients reached a record €317 million, a twenty eight percent increase over Q3.

Looking at the performance of Tradedoubler’s top five sectors, the entertainment and electronics categories are already showing signs of picking up. Both sectors received a huge boost from Christmas shoppers in 2004, however the entertainment sector has begun to increase earlier than expected this year. Entertainment sector sales increased by twelve percent in September, whereas last year, growth began to take off from October before rocketing in November and December. Sales within the electronics sector have continued to closely mirror last year’s trends with an upturn in sales already evident in September.

Following a mammoth push over the summer by providers of mobile handset and accessories, activity within the telecoms sector has dropped off slightly in September. The financial services and travel sectors are traditionally quieter at this time of year.

Sales Volumes and Sales Values Q1, Q2 and Q3 2004 and 2005

Monthly and Yearly Trends Sales Volume Trends in Tradedoubler’s Leading Sectors

Sales Volume Trends 2004 and 2005 in Leading Sectors

*Sector specific data includes results from Tradedoubler’s top 10 clients per sector.

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About Tradedoubler

Founded in 1999, Tradedoubler is a European provider of online marketing and sales solutions. Industry leaders all over Europe have partnered with Tradedoubler to work with performance-based marketing and to manage online relationships, in order to increase sales and improve online business. Tradedoubler is headquartered in Sweden with a presence in 15 other markets, and customers include Apple Store, Dell, Telia Sonera, eBay and Kelkoo. Please visit for further information.

The Tradedoubler TrackerTM is a monthly report detailing online sales volumes and trends across Europe, based on Tradedoubler’s monitoring of sales made through its European network. The data contained within the Tracker shows results tracked and generated within Tradedoubler’s network covering 16 European countries with clients spanning a multitude of different sectors.
The data contained within this tracker is provided by Tradedoubler’s own independent third party tracking technology.

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